vPost (www.vPost.com.sg) or Virtual Post was launched in 1999 by Singapore Post Limited (SingPost). Riding on the growth momentum for online shipping, vPost has grown to become one of the largest online shopping and shipping service providers in Southeast Asia.

Enabling globeshopping without globehopping, vPost allows its members to shop at various US, Europe, China and Japan online shops and ship them to their local addresses.

Upon signing up for free membership, vPost members will be given free personalised US, Europe, China and Japan addresses, which opens the gateway for them to shop directly at overseas websites that do not accept international orders - while enjoying significant shipping savings.

Online shoppers who need help in navigating the complex ordering process, and/or prefer to have somebody purchase their items for them, can turn to vShop4U for a hassle-free, 100% transparent service where vPost lets the members know exactly how much they need to pay, buy for them and deliver it to their doorstep.

For more details, please visit our site at www.vPost.com.sg