The story of GudShT:

GudShT promotes bottled cocktails. GudSht, a label born out of a pandemic, but determined to deliver a genuine cheer to local folks, with a whimsical approach to the otherwise serious business of mixology & bartending. The mantra is to provide an avenue to drive warmth and goodwill between friends & family whether distanced not by choice or in physical proximity when that option becomes available & acceptable through our bottled cocktails.GudSht wants to deliver a warm fuzz to all our consumers, their friends and their friend’s friends – you get the point. Whether it’s a pandemic, a depression, a break up or a birthday, an anniversary, an excuse for a celebration.

Bottled Cocktails purchased are non-refundable as each of the products are freshly made upon confirmation of order. As we guarantee freshness, we are unable to accept returns other than the following exceptions:
- Broken Seal Upon Delivery
- Damaged Products Upon Delivery (E.g. Chipped Glass Bottle)
*Once the client have accepted the physical delivery of the product, these exceptions will no longer be valid. Please ensure to check your products upon delivery!