(Cat & the Fiddle)

Cat & the Fiddle

Created by Award-Winning Patissier Daniel Tay of Bakerzin fame, Cat & the Fiddle delivers Singapore's Best Cheese Cakes to your door. Perfect for birthdays, special occasions and simply indulging.

Cat & the Fiddle’s goal is to make the interaction and ordering process lots of fun and at the same time fast and effective. Cat & the Fiddle customers planning a special occasion will find everything they need for a hassle-free celebration. Add-ons include, flowers, teddy bears, novelty candles that burn with different coloured flames, greeting cards and, for a more personalised cake, Cat & the Fiddle also retails stencils with which one can use to customise the cake with a personal message.

Cat & the Fiddle’s name was inspired by the classic nursery rhyme, and their website takes inspiration of the whimsy of the name. Charming illustrations abound and there are fun little stories for first-time or casual browsers. However, even here, Cat & the Fiddle takes the customers’
comfort and pleasure seriously: the website uses a simple layout for easy navigation so that a person can find whatever is needed easily.

Not surprising, Cat & the Fiddle also pays special heed to fans comments on their cheesecake wish list and several ideas were born from online and social media feedback. Says Chef Daniel Tay, “Our customers’ feedback and ideas also help us to come up with interesting flavours that
may make it into our line-up of cakes, so we definitely encourage interaction online.”