Carecci & Figli

Carecci & Figli

Carecci & Figli Trading (Sister Company of Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian Restaurant Chain) was established in 1990 with the initial role of the production of pasta and sauces due to the tremendous growth and demands of Pasta Fresca restaurants. Carecci & Figli has developed a winning formula that allows it to produce a high volume of fresh pastas, sauces and other ingredients for the outlets. Over the years, it has diversified laterally and now networks with Italian companies to import and produce a range of high quality gourmet products.

In addition to partnering with some of the best brands for gourmet cheese, pizza and pasta flour, olive oil, vegetable and olive preserves, parma ham, and many other gourmet favourites, Carecci & Figli curates a selection of products under its own brand. Carecci & Figli’s own brand of San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes, truffle range and cooking wines manufactured in Italy, adheres to strict industry guidelines to ensure quality and taste.

Besides gourmet favourites, Carecci & Figli’s vast collection of exquisite Italian wines are well received. Among the many rated wines, it imports some of the best grape variety wines from Apollonio and Petrussa, which had garnered recognition awards and Robert Parker points.

Carecci & Figli’s premium products have made their way in wholesale to renowned restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and airline catering companies. Recognising the demand for quality and affordable imported Italian F&B products for consumers, Carecci & Figli successfully launched its own e-commerce site in 2013.

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