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BRAND'S® knows the importance of doing your best in matters that you are passionate about and that are significant to you. Having the time and concentration to pursue your passion; whether is it spending time with your family or pursuing your hobby is important to your daily life. BRAND'S® seeks to help everyone live your best and allow your better self to shine through.

For more than 180 years, generations have trusted BRAND’S® with the goodness found in its health supplements. BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken especially has more than 30 research papers to date. It is also supported through continuous Brain scientific research at the BRAND’S® Brain Research Centre. To allow you to enjoy mental alertness whenever and wherever with convenience, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken has also being developed in tablets form combined with energy giving Vitamin B.

Over the years, BRAND’S® has also extend its range of core products to cater to the wider needs of consumers. They include health supplements that support liver detoxification for those with high alcohol intake to the boosting of immune system for those with hectic lifestyle and poor diet choices. Products are classified in a simple and orderly manner according to needs of consumers mainly Innershine®, Essence of Chicken, Bird Nest, Kids, Essence of mushrooms and health supplements.

Orders are delivered 5.5 days a week throughout Singapore in 3 different timeslots of the customer’s choice, with free delivery for orders above $120. Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard. BRAND’S® core customers are PMEBs of age 25 – 40 years old.

BRAND’S® has been recognized for its multiple awards over the years including the International Monde Selection Awards, Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands award and the Guardian’s Health & Beauty award. Being one of the leading manufacturers of oral health supplements, BRAND’S® is an opportunity not to be missed by any affiliates!